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Unspeaking Volumes: Absence in Latin Texts

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Unspeaking Volumes: Absence in Latin Texts
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29th June 2017 – 1st July 2017
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18th June 2017
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Conference: Unspeaking Volumes: Absence in Latin Texts, 29 June - 1 July 2017, St Andrews

Classicists are nothing if not experts on absence. A large part of their day job is filling gaps and breaking silences, to make something of the textual wrecks and material ruins of their favourite lost world. But handling absence with care is more than a scholarly obligation. Many ancient texts are buoyed and rocked by their own uplift of omission and amnesia; what they leave out and pass over in their subterranean ‘textual unconscious’ is often as important as what they let into the light. Latin texts offer particularly volcanic terrain for tracking and connecting many forms of absence: political, ideological, psychological, aesthetic, rhetorical, methodological (to name a few and omit more). This conference will line up a unique team of early-career and established scholars to study how these volumes do their un-speaking, and how such silences help structure our own approach to the ancient world.



PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current postgraduate interested in attending this conference and  wishing to claim a postgraduate bursary DO NOT SIGN UP online here, but email classcon@st-andrews.ac.uk with your requirements. We have a small amount of funds to help with internal university accommodation, dinner, registration fees up to £100. Please state which nights' accommodation you require and if you wish to attend the evening dinner.


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